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Star Wars Costume for Kids

Star Wars Movie Poster

Star Wars Movie Poster

Star Wars.  These movies are an all-time classic!  Never gets old, never goes out of style.  Just about everyone in the world recognizes Darth Vader, unless they have been living under a rock for the last 30 years or so.  This Halloween, you can step out as a Star Wars character and wow the crowd.

Star Wars Darth Vader Deluxe Child Costume

Star Wars Darth Vader Deluxe Child Costume

These costumes are a classic, but with the release of the latest Star Wars episodes, new characters are becoming increasingly popular: make sure to check these out, too! Whether you are staying home and handing out candy, going to a friend’s party, to a bar or getting into a costume contest, you can find some really great Star Wars costumes out on the Internet this year.  And we have seen some really great ones for kids too.  Kids simply love to go out on Halloween as a Star Wars character.

You can find a Star Wars costume that will thrill your kids this year.  They have gotten much more detailed and creative than they used to be.  So much so that your kids Star Wars costume will be the envy of all the kids in the block.  Just a bit of surfing and you can find a costume that they will love, and they will love you for finding it for them!  Nothing is worse than trying to get your kid to wear a costume they don’t like.  Surf around and find one that will thrill them.  Just be sure and find one that is a safe bet, as well.


Jyn Erso Girl’s Costume

Rey Girl’s Costume

Now, boys especially love to go out dressed like a Star Wars baddie.  Or maybe a good guy, who knows? It’s hard to pick when Star Wars brings such impressive Sith characters and Jedi characters to life.  The costumes for boys are certainly impressive this year.  Check out this hardcore storm trooper!


Boys Stormtrooper Costume

And for girls, episode VII, VIII, and Rogue One introduced us to amazing female heroes like Rey or Jyn Erso. Your daughter will look incredibly cool in this popular Jyn Erso Costume or Rey costume.

How great is that?  You little one will really love it.  The detailing and attention to the little things is great in this one. A Stormtrooper costume will be a big hit this year, especially with after the release of Episode VIII and the growing anticipation for Solo: A Star Wars Story. These costumes will never go out of style! The costumes around right now are so much better than they were years ago.

Star Wars Anakin Deluxe Child Costume

Star Wars Anakin Deluxe Child Costume

You can see for yourself that they are really high quality and just look so realistic!  Your little boy will love going out trick-or-treating in one of these Star Wars wonders.  They can whip out their gun and demand candy from everyone.  We have found some really nice boy’s Darth Vader costumes too.


BB-8 Toddler Costume

And how can you resist the adorable BB-8? This little guy will roll right into everyone’s heart: you can even find inflatable BB-8 costumes for a super realistic effect!

They will be the hit of the neighborhood, or that special Halloween party, in a costume that is really accurate and fun.  Don’t just go for the same old clown or pirate this year!  Send them out in style in a really great Star Wars costume.